News Update 10.9.19 -- 10:50pm
*L.1    N.LS.CO and C.L.A.N.N leaderboards have been updated and are running well, go check out who the masters of VOID.A are.(BOTH pages currently in beta.)

*L.2   Case Events have officially been released to the C.L.A.N.N leaderboard page, contact your group only if on leaderboard to get information.

News Update 9.26.19 -- 8.44pm
*L.1 Now partnered with streetracing leaders
(pages currently in development)

*L.2 C.L.A.N.N leaderboards are up and running(groups only) see who's the master of the Void.A networks (page currently in beta. )

*L.3 Currently working on single person V.A network leaderboards. (pages currently in development)

News Update 9.2.2020 -- 11:58pm
*L.1 Coming soon World Express News board
(pages currently in development) 

L.2 News and Information Billboard will be taking effect: 9.28.2020 or later.

News Update 9.21.2020 -- 3:50
*L.1 World Express News board is ready to be published enjoy the latest from our C.L.A.N.N Express news team!

*L.2 Gaming pages and new videosite in progress!
Currently working on partnering with Bitchute! and Notdoppler to make this website more diverse and more engaging for everyone!
Development in progress. 

News Update 9.23.2020
*L.1 WGCBH.TPS currently in development    

News Update 9.30.2020
*L.1 Surprise! Void.B Global Network links are now available

*L.2  The WGCBH.TPS page is still in development and our best help will  be available to you all soon!

News Update 10.2.2020
*L.1 WGCBH.TPS is now partnering with C.L.A.N.N, go check in on the webpage soon if you are having any online problems with real people and go see how they can assist  you today.

News Update 10.24.2020
*L.1 Our first official C.L.A.N.N event was released today go check it out on the C.L.A.N.N homepage and see what rewards await you!


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