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Base 01

You can use this element to explain to visitors what you do or inform them about other subjects. Conferences will be held at occasion. Anything else necessary will be in your email for Members/Admin
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Passcode is DEMANDED and NECESSARY from all C.L.A.N.N members/Admin for:
C.L.A.N.N Updates
Event Decisions
W.E.N Opinions/Next Choices

Base Security Updates Active

Base 02



Current Base Links:
https://bloochat.com/clannb-01 [Open]

Warning Do Not allow Re-Direct until further notice!
Allowing it will break any access from you and the base webpage
on our website entirely whether you switch pages and return to the base webpage or not, the offline command will repeatedly send you to our secondary chat line, this can be fixed so please stay calm. If you are stuck in this scenario simply click on the arrow with the red dot and
re-block it.